Icaraizinho Place

Rio Verde Inn was designed by a French couple and nowadays belongs to some brazilians from Fortaleza.

An old beach mansion has been carefully addapted and, nowadays, it offers 8 rooms, including 6 in the main house at the top floor with a common balcany all around and it still has two chalets outside, next to the pool, with a really nice garden. Several areas are available for reading, resting or watching TV.

Outdoors, there are pools, a big balcony with table and chairs, a garden in an extremely pleasant spot.. An ideal place to enjoy the after beach…

The location looks ideal, close to the beach and restaurants , where you can go by foot , making your stay even easier and enjoyable. There are several options around . For those who enjoy water sports, Club Ventos offers lessons and equipment for windsurfing and kite surfing. The Inn is situated about 150 meters from the club and it is only a few meters from the sailing spot.

Icaraí Amontada , better known as Icaraizinho …

Once in Icaraí Amontada, it takes just a short walk to find dunes , lagoons, coconut palms and the beautiful green sea (24 kilometers). The description of paradise is right and it is on the west coast of Fortaleza. In fact, only 190 km separate the Capital from this tropical paradise. The access can be by car on Route Structuring ( EC – 085 – Setting Sun ). Another option for those who drive a 4×4 car , is driving along the beach coast, starting from the Whale Beach .

We’re talking about the Icaraí of Amontada’s beach, a recently discovered point by tourists in Ceará . The exotic beauty and warmth of the native beach life seduces everyone by its natural charm. Is is privileged with a perfect scenarium for those who like enjoying moments of total freedom , having as company, only the nature and the native people, very friendly..

Icaraí has attraction of rare beauty , especially – in addition to the beach , dotted with coconut palms that blows by the gentle touch of sea breeze – the lagoon Lowland , which is, majestically, located one kilometer from the village , protected by dunes . For those who want to experience this paradise , just hit the road .

Located at 190 km from Fortaleza , more specific, on the west coast of Ceará, this small village is not yet known by common tourists . It was discovered by kiters and windsurfers who found this place, where the wind blows onshore around 20-30 knots per day , almost throughout the year.

There are many places with a lot of wind on the planet, but some of them may be near the North Pole . Jericoacoara and Icaraizinho, are only 2 degrees south of the equator, in an environment free of cold, but windy and with warm waters.